COntrolling COllection Circulation system


^ What means the name: cococ?

cococ stands for "COntrolling COllection Circulation system". Simply a symmetric, well-looking abbreviature. Nothing more than that. :-D

^ How do i read "cococ"?

I think the best is to read it as ['koukous]... Like a nut... with 's' at the end. :) This, translated from russian means coco.

^ Why python is used by the project?

It's not a secret that today, almost any appliction project should be cross-platform. So, there some main ways: C/C++, Java, Kylix, Perl, Tcl, Lisp and Python.
I am not very familiar with it. Also, according its purpose, it does not have such useful things like garbage collector.
I do really very like this language. It has comfortable syntax. But it has some pauses before running bytecodes and everything must be compiled before use.
I have never had special love to Pascal- and Delphi-like languages. Also it is very commercial.
This language is good for small scripts. Also, it has too liquid syntax, as for me.
I'm not familiar with this language. Also, as i know, it
This language has my favourite syntax: the most logiacally-aligned structure. But i'm not too familiar with it.
Python has very clear syntax. It is compiled authomatically in milliseconds. Applications written with it are running faster than the same written in java. Also, currently my job is connected with writing programs in pyton (i am NauMen developer).
But it is my own opinion. Every language has its purpose and is best to be applied there. Correct me if i'm wrong.

^ Under what license is it distributed?

Everything in the project is distributed under the GPL .

^ Why is it free?

Because primarily i made it for myself. And free distribution is the best way to find help and adherents. Also, i use many programs from FSF and would like to help its expansion. :)

^ Why is it not translated to your native language?

I know only three languages: russian, english and german. Also i am familiar with esperanto, but not finished learning of its base. If you would like to see your language in the list of translations, you may help me by translating it. I'm almost sure that in texts published at home page there are some mistakes in grammar. So, if you will find it, please correct me. Beforehand, sorry and thanks. :)

^ How can i help?

Any help is welcome: ideas, bug submittions, coding, designing, documenting, translating, implementing plugins!!!

^ What the radio was StyleFM?

It was the most advanced music radio in the region. Money never was their primary goal, so they had very few ads. You could listen it from morning to the night. Music was around you. It made your mood. It had very merry, interesting broadcasters. They first brought new good tracks into the city (Ekaterinburg, Ural Mountains, Russia).
They had been closed in 2000 at new year. That was the New Year gift from 4th channel holding. :~(  That night radio stuff painted all the equipement with black markers. Later they tried to broadcast in Internet. But it lasted for few months and radio died finally (?) due to deep indrpfitability. But it still lives in hearts of its audience. :)