COntrolling COllection Circulation system

About the cococ project

The project is dedicated to the memory of Style FM radio station that was killed by more profitable metropolitan ignorant station.

^ Main goals

  1. Organize collections of audio, graphics, documents and video (called further as elements) stored on computer.
  2. Intelligently continue playlists and slideshows.
  3. Everything should be as flexible as possible, while staying easy to use (for users and for developers).
  4. To be independet of storage bases, utilities, hardware and location.
  5. To be international. But i know only 3 languages now. :(
  6. Any other ideas are welcome (even redesign).


The main (connection) job is made by a server that can be reached from any point of the Net (if accepted by security). But it can't du anything without plugins and clients. Plugins are responsible to implementing some part of job (song selection, song decoding, audio wave playing, storing info, etc). Clients are user interfaces and other useful programs (such as decreasing volume at specified time, etc).
For simplification of programming process special python module would be made.


Firstly, it was a simple set of scripts in perl that had connection to xmms and grep. Then my xmms crashed and i've implemented in playing script file recognition and selection of the proper playing utility. Then those scripts were growing and once apon a time my hdd crashed. So, now it's 100% python project from scratch. :)


You can be included in this list too. Everyone's invited! Almost on any role! ;)